New product – for free!

It’s nearly „may the 4th“-day and to celebrate this official, inofficial Star Wars day with all of you, I got a new product ready just in time.
I made some new charge token designs, 19 in total to be precise, which you can get for free if you do this:

Make an order on this website on the 4th of may or 5th of may (revenge of the 5th!).
The order has to be 25,00 € or higher.
Add the charge tokens of your choice to your order.
Use the voucher code „maythe4th“ at the checkout.
Get 5,00 € off your order (which equals the value of a set of three double sided, pre-painted charge tokens).

If you have any problems, feel free to write me a message.

Happy Star Wars day to you all!

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