It starts with… one thing

A very welcome to all of you!

The whole project started nearly four years ago when I saw a facebook ad about a little kickstarter of a little laser for everybody’s home.
So little, that I had to think about it for about a month until I pledged my first kickstarter ever. This day was october 22nd, 2015.
And as it turned out, this campaign was one of the most funded kickstarters in history.

It then took about two and a half years to finally get the printer – a time where I made a looong list with things I wanted to do.
And in that time I had the idea “You know what? Maybe I could make some money with stuff I sell and maybe get some of the money spent back”… three months in, I had some products which kind of rocketed and this lead to the idea to make a living out of “this stuff”.

One year later and a looot of time spent on new designs, marketing and getting in touch with a lot of people led me to the point I am now.
And it took me and a friend a lot of freetime for nearly half a year to get this beauty of a webiste finally done.

So: welcome to scruffy looking LASER BRAIN!

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